"•LUHV•” is the alias of the emerging New York City fine artist known for his signature "LUHV Glove". •LUHV• has studied fine art, learning different techniques and adapting his own unique approach to creating art, immersing himself into the world of creating. Eventually abandoning traditional ideals and techniques, •LUHV• developed his own styles and unique approach to fine art. Classified as a contemporary pop artist, •LUHV• adds his own flare to fine art, making each piece unique and one of a kind. •LUHV• uses a variety of mediums and materials including spray paint, acrylics, varnishes, and resins to perfect his works. His use of bright colors and bold images portrays his personality and desire of separation. •LUHV•’s signature “•LUHV Glove•” is used in many of his pieces making it easy to identify his works. •LUHV• credits his artistic talents to his childhood, growing up in an environment of extreme creativity fueling his passion of creating. •LUHV• takes pride in every piece he creates, committed to perfection and the ideal that no piece will be the same as another.